Pre/after sale services

Taking advantage of a staff of over 50 engineers, specialists and skilled technicians, IIT and Mazzoni LB are in a position to offer a full range of services to their clients all over the world.

Laboratory analyses for products & raw materials

chemical reaction erlenmeyer flask

Thanks to our up-to-date analysis equipment for detergets, soaps and glycerine, we can carry out analyses, quality controls and tests both for internal purposes and on behalf of clients, also to identify custom tailored products formulation.

Project pre-engineering and feasibility studies

calculator on top of spreadsheet

IIT sales department is in a position to prepare pre-engineering and feasibility studies in order to allow clients to better evaluate the proposed investment and/or to apply for project financing.
IIT, with the support of Mazzoni LB and Sagittario, has also developed a good know-how on the identification of the most attractive financial packages available on the market, including export credit, aid grant, soft loan, buyer’s credit, etc.

Basic and detailed engineering services

3d cad of a detergent processing plant

Engineering relevant to:

Turn-key projects

sulphonation plant

Civil and erection works of the plants can be carried out through qualified and reliable contractors with whom IIT has extensive cooperation since many years. This association offers to clients the possibility to implement their project turnkey at most competitive costs.

Plants revamping: optimization and capacity increase

operator at work on a machine

IIT is in a position to assess the condition of the existing plants, suggesting and carrying out the interventions based on its latest technology solutions to enhance their performances in terms of product quality, capacity increase, plant operation cost reduction (including energy saving) and process control and automation. This will allow the clients to competitively operate on their markets which requirements are in steady evolution.

Technical assistance & after sales service

personnel is taught how to operate a machine

IIT supplies technical assistance during the plants erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up phase. IIT furthermore offers a strong after sales service to steadily assess the plants running conditions/operations in order to propose the most recent technological development.

Spare parts supply

metal components

IIT spare parts dept. can supply, beside spare parts, also individual machines, both proprietary and non-proprietary.